Have you got the appetite for a mammoth challenge?

Firepit Smokehouse and Sports Bar in Southport is looking for customers who think they’ve got what it takes to tackle and conquer Pit Mountain!

The Lord Street bar is launching Man v Food Mondays so those brave – and hungry – enough can start the week with an absolute feast of fries, burgers and onion rings.

The challenge includes 2 super-stacked double cheeseburgers and a whopping kilo of fries all topped off with 20 onion rings.

And, as if just eating all of that wasn’t enough, there’s also a time limit so, even though it’s on all day, you can’t just pace yourself.

For anyone who manages the fry-up feat, Firepit is offering a reward – complete the challenge in the given time and you get it for free … and you can claim a place on the bar’s Man v Food wall of fame!

General manager Jamie Rae says Firepit has its fryers at the ready to take on all comers.

He added: “When you see all that food on one plate, it is a monster challenge but I think we’ll get quite a few people who are up for it, especially groups of lads who want to compete against each other.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone order anything even close to this amount of food just for one person but, even though we’re going to set a time limit, it’ll be a realistic one so we’re pretty sure it can be done.

“It’s a bit of fun for a Monday night and hopefully even those who don’t quite manage it will enjoy trying.”

As for tips, Jamie says everyone needs to bring their own tactics to the table.

“I think people will just go for it in their own way – some might want to do the burgers first, some will mix it up a bit, but it’s a mountain so there’s really no easy way.”