It was a full house at the Sparkle women’s networking event, held at Verdant on Allerton road at the weekend, the afternoon of talks and exchange of business ideas, mixed with some italian prosecco provided by Scavi & Ray was a big success next event is planned  for christmas.

Sparkle Networking is a glamorous networking society for like minded business women, to come together to connect and empower one another! When strong women with passions and similar vibrations are given the opportunity to spend time together, more doors in this world open… add a little champagne, the creativity flows, we up our glam vibration and we become dangerously confident and ready to take over this world.

I wanted to give woman a chance to be able to dress up, show up and network like a boss   In the elegant venue that is, Verdant. Sparkle Networking events provide a creative platform for us fabulous ladies to form the relationships that build us; partnerships, business contacts and most importantly friendships. It is still a mans world and in this world it is relationships like these that allow a woman to live to her full potential and that is what Sparkle Networking Society is all about.

Our recent event was a huge success and I had the absolute pleasure to meet so many inspirational woman. Particularly Izabella Levey- founder of Pick Yourself Up Mentoring who performed an incredible motivational speech which filled the room with that female determination and strength. It really was an incredible day and these events are getting more and more support every time and the growth is so encouraging. We are very excited for the next Christmas Sparkle event and tickets will be available soon! 💕#sparklenetworking #sparklewhileyouwork