Bob Eaton, Royal Court favourite and writer & Director of Lennon, has written a brand new musical about one of Liverpool’s most legendary characters.

Maggie May – The Musical is set in Liverpool just before the outbreak of the first world war. It tells the story of the girl from the traditional Liverpool folk song about the girl who used her looks and charm to prey on sailors and empty their pockets.

An Irish girl with her heart set on New York is waylaid in Liverpool when she loses her bag and all her worldly goods. To earn a crust she goes into domestic service and, seduced by her employer, discovers that when a girl falls for the wrong man she stands to lose more than just her possessions.

Maggie is trapped in a world where a young woman has the odds stacked against her and she has to grow up fast. No longer an innocent girl, she enters the world’s oldest profession to regain control of her own destiny. Will she ever make it to the city of her dreams? 

A brilliant new musical by Bob Eaton (writer and director of Lennon) and Sayan Kent, Maggie May is full of great live music from talented actor musicians that will pull at the heartstrings and stir the soul.

Kevin Fearon, Executive Producer at Liverpool’s Royal Court: “Bob has been working on this show for a long time and I wanted to get it on stage here as soon as he told me about it. Both he and Sayan have a great ear for a song and a real way with words so I know that the lyrics and music will be excellent. Maggie May has been waiting a while to have her story told and we can’t wait for an audience to see her.”