Audio Sonic Vision is presented in a planetarium style format, in a 10m dome using spherical mirror projection.  The experience will engage the audience with an illusion of movement and a feeling of being ‘within’ the project.

Sound is to be visually represented and projected around the dome. The soundtrack has been created by The Constellation Collective and is their audio interpretation of a 3D digitally animated film featuring geometric shapes.

The experience is a standing event containing flashing images and loud music, with wheelchair access, suitable for children aged 8+ (at parents’ discretion).

Each performance is approximately 26 mins long and they run hourly from 11am with the last showing at 8pm. and




Jellyfishmoon presents Audio Sonic Vision

Fri, 27th to Mon, 30th May 2016

Hourly from 11am. Last showing 8pm

Tickets: £1 each,

Tickets are available from the Heritage Centre Gift Shop at St George’s Hall and can be purchased on the day.

Contact The Heritage gift shop on 0151 255 6903.


St George’s Hall Plateau, St George’s Hall, Liverpool L1 1JJ