Diamant Blading

For 16 years my career has been supporting local people old and young into employment, training and education through information advice and guidance. After successfully helping 100′s of families out of poverty and back earning an income I found myself no longer challenged.  It was now time to make a difference in my life as well as others.

Searching for something new and unsure where the next stage in my life would take me, I knew a few things for certain, I had to love my new direction with a passion, continue to help people and use the skills I have gained over the years. 

After a tragic accident with one of my family members who was left scarred and one of my best friends and close family members going through Breast Cancer I immediately wanted to help.  My brain ticked over, I searched the web for months to find my calling until one day Semi Permanent Make up Artistry found me.

I attended one insight day and I was hooked, this was the perfect option for me, everything I love rolled up in one job.  I have loved art since as early as I can remember.  The medical aspect of SPMU meant I could help those closest to me and continue to make a positive difference in people’s lives which is where I get my kicks from and it meant I could work for myself, a long life dream since an early age.

I now live the dream with a smile on my face and passion in my heart and I can honestly say SPMU has changed my life and the lives of others around me.   You can find me in clinics and salons up and down the country so please do get in touch to find out if I am in a clinic near you.

I attended Nouveau Contour Training Academy, one of the leading training academies not only in the country but across Europe and the USA where I have spent 100’s of hours training and perfecting my techniques in Semi Permanent Makeup.  Specialising in cosmetic and medical tattoo artistry and facial Aesthetics with private clinics in Crosby, Liverpool 1 and the famous Rodney Street, more recently I have become popular for brow fixers.  SPMU prices can vary dramatically from £60 – £700, with many clients choosing price over qualifications and ability and the city has a growing trend of women desperately needing brow fixes.  I have gained a bit of a reputation now “the brow fixer”. I have been able to save many faces in the process and enjoy the challenge.  Not only am I Nouveau Trained I also travel the world on specialist workshops with the world’s leading artist to ensure I constantly bring my client the latest cutting edge techniques to provide my clients with the very best treatments available on the market today.

Launching a brand new technique to the market for women throughout Liverpool, Cheshire and Manchester.

Diamant Blading is the next generation of Microblading and only the cream of the crop can actually achieve the White Diamante Blading status.  This-method is a very easy technique for preparing the surface of the skin. After scratching a 0,05 mm thin line into the skin with a real cut diamond, the fine lines of permanent eyebrow make-up look very accurate and natural. By working with this new technique a whole range of new eyebrow creations are possible. Each hair of the eyebrow looks so natural and it doesn’t seem like permanent make-up at all.  Another advantage of this new technique is the healing of the skin. The skin heals very fast and the colour pigments do not become blurred inside the skin. This way each line of the hair-stroke looks very natural, has a fine structure and results in a razor-sharp definition after it has healed.

A cut diamond is really very sharp. There´s nothing comparable to it anywhere. For this reason health and safety is vital which is why it is only offered to fully qualified and competent technicians. The “Diamant Blading”-tool has a length of 15 cm, weighs about 50g and looks very classy. The instrument is made of titan and on its tip a real cut diamond is placed. Similar to a pen, the diamond can be plunged into the hand piece.  My hand piece is custom made in Switzerland and like everything that comes from Switzerland is made to a perfect standard and regulation.

The treatment prices vary from city to city but on average costs around £350 which includes a second top up treatment.  Like all my treatments they are priced in accordance to skill, qualifications, training and the standard of my equipment.  Bloom Semi Permanent also offers 0% finance which allows everyone to benefit from my services.

In my spare time I support the Katie Piper Foundation where I actively raise money for the trust and donate a percentage of my salary to the charity to support family and individuals who have suffered the effects of burns.

I am also working on a project with handpicked facial specialists that will take me to clinics in London and Europe but you will have to follow me to find out more on this xx

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