It’s Liverpool’s favourite cocktail and now there’s an amazing dessert version …
The vodka-based Pornstar Martini is the number one cocktail in the city when it comes to glamour
and popularity – so much so that chefs at Dash restaurant have created a cheesecake in its honour.
The Pornstar Cheesecake has been given top billing on the Victoria Street restaurant’s new summer
menu and it’s set to become a huge hit with diners.
Pornstar cheesecake1It brings together all the classic ingredients of the cocktail, minus the alcohol, in a creamy super-
decadent dessert.
Dash’s head chef Decland Garrett devised the cheesecake with drinks consultant Tom Jones to keep
the flavours as authentic as possible.
He explained: “Cocktails are an important part of our business at Dash and we were looking to do
something different to create a new signature dessert for our summer menu.
“The Pornstar Martini has to be the most ordered cocktail in Liverpool, most bars do their own take
on it, so we thought that was an ideal choice, and the feedback from our customers was they wanted
a cheesecake on the menu so we took our inspiration from there.
“What we’ve come up with is a really intense vanilla cheesecake with a pineapple jelly on top, a
passionfruit foam, a pineapple sherbet and finished with a prosecco blush sorbet which really
complements it and freshens it up.
“All the non-alcoholic ingredients are there and the sherbet gives the you kick you’d normally get
from the vodka.”
Dean Jones, one of four partners in The 15 Group which owns Dash, said the Pornstar Cheesecake
was the perfect signature dessert for the restaurant.
He added: “We’re obviously known as a glamorous destination, and we also like to give our
customers something a bit more unusual and quirky, so the Pornstar Cheesecake combines all those
“We wanted to make sure we got it absolutely right so it’s taken a long time to perfect – this is the
sixth version which our chefs have made with different bases and different cheesecakes – but we’re
really happy that this one captures all the flavours and is a really light, refreshing end to a meal.”