image2image3image4Nothing says romance quite like red roses – but how about true love with added gin? Sounds like the perfect pair.

Dash restaurant and bar have created Liverpool’s most romantic cocktail, which is not only pretty in pink, it comes topped with real rose buds.

The Rose Gin Fizz is an Instagram favourite with customers at the Victoria Street venue which launched in December last year.

And Tom Jones, the man who invented it, says it not only looks stunning, it tastes beautiful too.

“When it comes out on the bar, it’s the one everyone is wowed by,” he says. “It has Arbikie Kirsty’s gin, which is a small batch Scottish gin, rose liqueur, lemon, whites, orange blossom water and hibiscus-infused honey and then it’s finished with little dried rose buds.

“We serve it in a tall beveled glass with a gold rim, and a gold paper straw so it really stands out and it’s the one which is constantly being photographed. It’s a great image and a great tasting drink so the two things together make it really special.”

The Rose Gin Fizz is the romantic stand-out on Dash’s New York-inspired cocktail menu which takes customers on a glamorous drinks journey through Manhattan’s most legendary eras.

Starting with the Golden Era of the early 19th century, it travels through time from Prohibition to the New World, the 1960s Era of Change when the super-stylish Mad Men ruled the city, to the floor-filling flair of the 70s Disco era and finally the Modern Era.

Tom and fellow drinks consultant David Robinson spent months researching, trialing and perfecting the list in keeping with the design of the venue, focusing on really elegant drinks that have stood the test of time.

“Our interpretation of that was to create a timeline going through the history of drinks and choosing really classic ones we felt people were most likely to enjoy today. That was the most important thing to us: they had to still belong in the period that inspired them.”

David says another priority was to keep a balance of spirits so the menu has something for all tastes.

“We want everyone to be able to go to Dash and find something they’ll absolutely love, and a lot of what we do is about presentation. Customers are looking to try something different now so we have to bring something special to our drinks. Bartenders are showmen, so it’s our job to add that bit of spark to someone’s evening which elevates the whole experience.”