Newcomers to the local drinks scene Alchemist Spirits have set up a distillery in the shadow of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral to produce a range of ‘scientifically pure’ spirits.


The city of Liverpool perfectly blends the old with the new and Alchemist Spirits do the same, taking one of the oldest forms of Chemistry developed in the 12th Century and combining it with the most advanced scientific distillation methods to create premium Vodka, Gin and Whisky.


Local Master Distiller, Dr Paul Williams utilises his decades of scientific expertise gained through a Masters and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge to handcraft each and every bottle to the highest purity. Carrying out each element of production from start to finish including distillation, bottling, labelling and wax sealing – only bottles that meet an exacting ‘scientifically pure’ standard are hand signed and released out of the laboratory.


Dr Paul Williams, Master Distiller and Co-Director, Alchemist Spirits, said: “Alchemist Spirits was born out a passion for drinks and science. I understand better than most that not everyone likes science, but spirits are one of the more socially enjoyable areas of science that people experience on a regular basis without realising that what they are drinking is a chemical process and formulation. We try to embody that within everything we do, from the formulation and distillation processes to the design of the labels and the hand drawn image on the inside back label that depicts the chemical solution contained within each product. We wanted to put the science back into spirit making to create smooth, easy to drink, ‘scientifically pure’ spirits that are not over powered with intense flavours to hide impurities. With both myself and my business partner Ross Spencer being from Liverpool we could not think of a better place to have started the company and the support so far from the city and surrounding areas has been amazing.”


Each product within the range contains 40% alcohol by volume (abv.), but as they like to do things scientifically at Alchemists Spirits, that equates to 2.992 x 10^24 molecules of Ethanol per bottle (or 2,992,108,554,142,488,870,905,982 give or take a few!). It is this number that is then used to calculate the perfect balance, flavouring and purification of the Vodka, Gin and Whisky.


Alchemist Vodka is created using the purest ethanol that is distilled to the highest purity using modern scientific distillation methods to leave behind any molecular impurities and organic compounds to give a clean, smooth and neutral tasting spirit with an absence of the signature burn associated with Vodka. This then forms the base of both Alchemist Gin and Whisky.


Using a selected blend of natural botanicals carefully calculated and balanced to each individual ethanol molecule, Alchemist Gin is infused and then further distilled to remove unwanted impurities, leaving behind a signature blend of organic molecules that give a distinct ‘scientifically pure’ taste and nose.


Utilising modern scientific principles of microfluidics and high throughput chemistries, Alchemist Whisky is matured with European Oak to naturally infuse it with organic vanillins. This solution is then filtered with laboratory grade filter paper to leave behind a premium scientific whisky.


Alchemist Spirits are stocked in a number of bars and retailers across the North West and are available for retail from The Chancery, Liverpool and Home Brew Bottle Shop, West Kirkby or online within the UK at


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