Liverpool’s newest cocktail bar is introducing its customers to the perfect couple … a margarita paired up with FREE nachos!

Fans of margaritas know that nothing goes with the punchy tequila favourite quite like a bowl of nachos and dips.

It’s a time-honoured tradition, especially in Mexico and the US, and there’s an excellent reason for that: the spicy tortilla chips are a match for the intensity of the cocktail and then the creamy cheesy dips come along to put out the fire!

Now customers at Margaritas on Victoria Street can find out for themselves because the bar, inspired by Miami’s famously glamorous South Beach, is offering free nachos to margarita lovers.






Anyone ordering a round of five of the in-house signature margaritas – and there’s an entire menu devoted to them to choose from – will get nachos and dips on the house.

Flamingos, palm trees, cocktails and free snacks? Sounds like the best way to make the summer feeling last that bit longer …