Macca, spent some time in liverpool last week, (Wed till Fri night) where he stayed at the Hard days Night hotel. Wednesday he was at lipa for a live interview with snake hips himself, Jarvis cocker, where he revealed that a secret gig had been planned for Thursday, rumors of its location were rife, but it was only going to be one place, the Cavern.

Broadcast trucks had arrived Wednesday evening and set up. Crowds started gathering outside on Wednesday night in the hope of getting hold of 1 of the 110 tickets. At 9am on Thursday it was announced tickets were at the arena box office, so much to say that it was a mad dash for fans, some were lucky, and some who had waited all night missed out. The gig was at 2pm and macca and his band played for a couple of hours.

Friday was lipa graduation day and Sir Paul including guests, producer Nile Rodgers, and 10cc drummer Kevin Godley arrived at the philharmonic to hand  out the diplomas, also present was Paul’s brother Mike, just after 4,30pm.
Paul’s car took him to LJLA (Liverpool John Lennon Airport) where his waiting private jet, whisked him back to London. Macca fever over, (he was also spotted at the Met quarter, having coffee on Thursday morning and said hello to passerbys.
Note a couple of weeks before macca surprised fans when he recorded an episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, and visited several of the places on the beatles trail, ending in the Philharmonic pub.
Picture credit / Activate digital.