Woodlands Aesthetic & Beauty Clinic is offering its clients the chance to buy a subscription to youth.

In a bid to take the guess-work out of skincare, the expert practitioners at the Aigburth-based clinic have devised a twelve-month ‘Botox for Life’ package whereby clients will be treated to four-weekly treatments guaranteed to leave their skin naturally radiant.

Combining traditional Botox treatments with Dermal Fillers and Anti-Ageing offerings, the exclusive new product follows the news that an estimated 90% of British adults subscribe to services, highlighting a shift in consumer behaviour across all industries.

Managing Director of Woodlands Aesthetic & Beauty Clinic Alison Stananought said: “As life-long devotees to all things skin, we know that undertaking and maintaining a well-thought out skincare routine and regime is vital to achieve desirable results – just like committing to eating well, going to the gym and keeping active, making a conscious commitment to keeping up with facial treatments is an essential contribution to achieve an over-all youthful appearance.

“Research has shown us that the regular use of Botox can cause the effects to last for longer periods of time with each use – meaning that our clients will need fewer treatments over time for the same effect. One of the key questions our clients tend to ask is how often they
should be coming back for repeat treatments and how they can best maintain a youthful appearance, which is why we have created our ‘Botox For Life’ package to take the stress out of skincare.”

In line with the launch of the Youth Subscription service, Woodlands is also offering an ‘Essential Treatments’ package whereby ‘subscribers’ can enjoy reduced rates on routine treatments including eyebrow, waxing and nail services.

Alison added: “When creating our ‘Youth Subscription’ and ‘Essential Treatments’ concepts, we looked closely at consumer trends and have noticed a real spike in those opting for subscription services that add ease and efficiency to a routine, not to mention notable savings. With monthly treatments scheduled throughout a year, the process has been carefully broken down to maximise and prolong the beneficial effects of our individual services.”

The ‘Botox For Life’ package comprises twelve monthly treatments. The service is priced at £115 per month for 12 months alongside a £200 deposit.

The ‘Essential Treatments’ package allows customers to make a one-time deposit of £10 to enjoy reduced rates on treatments including nails, waxing and eyebrows.DSC01302 edit

For more information about Woodlands Aesthetic & Beauty Clinic visit www.woodlandsbeauty.co.uk